DETROIT, MI – A Detroit teen has reportedly been sent to the slammer after allegedly calling 911 and asking the dispatcher “Where The Hoes At?”

18 Year old “Cujo” Tony [Redacted] dialed 911 on his Motorola Razr Saturday night to ask his inappropriate question — apparently because he hadn’t paid his bill.


“I Didn’t Have Anyone Else To Call Because They Shut My Service Off So I Just Asked The Fuzz If They Knew Where The Party Was At.”

“They Did Not Know,” he added.

Mr. Tony was surprised to find himself behind bars after his poorly-thought out inquiry.

Let that be a lesson to all you would-be pranksters out there. We leave you with these wise words by the great Irish poet Liam Neeson.

Sometime you are looking for hoes.

Other times, you are the ho you were looking for all along.

Be the ho you seek.