Someone call Dr. Freud! And tell him to bring a slip ‘n’ slide while he’s at it! Actually, tell the good doctor (1856-1939) to bring a shoehorn too because somebody just put their foot in their own mouth.

Hillary Clinton’s got a mouth full of toe fungus following the flub of the campaign season — accidentally calling her opponent “daddy” during a Q&A session at this morning’s press conference.   “He’s just got to give it a rest when it comes to these senseless attacks,” the former Secretary of State said of her opponent, “but that’s what we’ve come to expect from daddy–I mean BERNIE,” she quickly corrected herself.

Things went from bad to worse when Secretary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, offered a slip of his own.

“That’s my daddy–I mean wife,” Bill said to reporters when questioned about her misstatement. 

“She’s my wife,” he clarified later. “She’s also the future President of the United States, and she’s definitely not my daddy.”  “Bernie isn’t her daddy either,” President Clinton continued. “Neither am I. If anything, she’s her own daddy. I have to go now.”