Hold the #spoilers‼️

I’m still getting around to watching last week’s #BigGame 🏈

So sue me, I’ve been busy. That’s not going to stop me from chowing down and sipping an ice cold Miller Chill while I #RootForTheCommercials.
They say the Monday after the Super bowl is America’s sick day. Well consider me sick as a dog because no one will ever suspect this unusual delay! Unless they read this post.

Haha. I do know who wins but only saw half the ads on Facebook already so me and my girl oughta have an ok time. Maybe I’ll sneak a little smooch during the #Controversial half time performance after making an insightful comment on Beyonce’s #RiskyPoliticalStatement.

Hey, I’m no Peyton Manning but then again I’m no Eli Manning!


America is still the greatest country in all the land, in my opinion. 

I hope this year’s old Super Bowl doesn’t change my mind about that.