So you clicked it. Maybe you thought the headline was a joke and there would be some actual content here. Not the case. This article is completely 100% filler that will do you zero good. The only reason it exists is to dupe you into thinking you haven’t wasted your time.

Now here’s an ad.

Thanks for looking at that. I just made some money. Not a lot, but if enough of you are tricked into reading this far, it starts to “ad” up. Get it? 😂😂

What the heck. Here’s another one.

That was fun wasn’t it? They’re randomly generated. I don’t even know what’s being shown on my own page. It doesn’t really matter though, so long as you look at it, I’ll get paid. Hey, actually, if you could do me a solid and click on this one, I’ll get paid even more.

Did you click it? Some people actually do. Can you believe that? Amazing, huh?

What’s even more cray is how much of the internet has become clickbait bullshit just like this. So do me and you and Miranda July a favor — the next time you hear someone make a claim and back it up by saying they “read it somewhere,” ask them to cite their source.

Chances are they won’t even remember. Wild, huh?