Talk about a “what the heck” moment!

Bad boy anti-establishment candidate Donald Trump has gone and done it this time, retweeting a quote from fascist Italian dictator and World War II aficionado Benito Mussolini.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 3.53.18 PM


Shocked hipster looking at camera on a summers day

Shocked man with oversized glasses looking at camera on a summers day and being surprised about Trump’s retweet.

What did the Donald have to say about this?

I don’t know, probably something about how edgy it is to be racist.

F6387FDonald Trump is very edgy, if you think about it.


Apparently this was all a trick by the hipsters over at to humiliate the strong orange man.


Amazing joke, guys. Now that Trump has been thoroughly shamed, his resignation from the presidential race is all but inevitable.

Thank you Vice Magazine for using irony for good, not just to be cool.