My kitty go buckwild for the nip.

I want to feel excitement such as this.


“It is the simple pleasures that make life worth living.”

– Actor, Chris Hemsworth


The meaning of this quote is why I want to get high on catnip.

Ironic that the fat cats in Washington haven’t figured out how to address this issue.

We cannot depend on our representatives in congress to solve this problem for us.


I swore a vow to my high school guidance counselor never to indulge in alcohol and/or drugs.

I am willing to break this vow in order to get wrecked on that nip.

Does anyone know how to make a man-version of this botanical?

I just can’t accept that a little cat can figure out how to trip balls off a plant and human people have failed completely.


I would love to have the opportunity to get as high as one of my favorite cat’s.